South Africa

Lesotho & Botswana





Pseudaspis cana; Mole Snake; Rare snake in Limpopo; What is the common snake in South Africa; Is mole snake poisonous; is mole snake venomous; Ruan Stander; Kruger National Park; Blouberg; Herp Nomad

Pseudaspididae | Mole Snakes

Duberria lutrix lutrix; South African Slug eater; is slug eater poisonous; is slug eater venomous; Ruan Stander; Soutpansberg; Biodiversity; Ruan Stander; Herp Nomad

Pseudoxyrhophiidae | Afro-Malagasy Snakes

Python natalensis; Southern African Python; African Rock Python; Python sebae; Ruan Stander; Herp Nomad; Snakes of Kruger National Park; what is the biggest snake in Kruger National Park; Ruan Stander; Is python venomous; How many pythons are there in south Africa; are there rock pythons in South Africa

Pythonidae | Afro-Asiatic Pythons



Leptopelis natalensis; Natal Forest Tree Frog; Ruan Stander; Gary Nicolau; Nicolau Ecology; Ruan I. Stander; Ngoye Forest

Arthroleptidae | Squeakers & Tree Frogs

Arthroleptis | Squeakers

Leptopelis | African Tree Frogs

Breviceps sylvestris; northern forest rain frog; Ruan Stander; Magoebaskloof; Limpopo herpetology

Brevicipitidae | Rain Frogs

Breviceps | Rain Frogs

Vandijkophrynus gariepensis; Karoo Toad; Frogs of Lesotho; herpetology Lesotho; amphibians of Lesotho; Ruan Stander

Bufonidae | Toads

Poyntonophrynus | Pygmy Toads

Schismaderma | Red Toads

Sclerophrys | Typical Toads

Vandijkophrynus | Van Dijk's Toads

Hadromophryne natalensis; Natal Cascade Frog; Magoebaskloof; Frogs of Liompopo; Ruan Stander; Herp Nomad

Heleophrynidae | Ghost Frogs & relatives

Hadromophryne | Cascade Frog

Hemisus marmoratus; Mottled Shovel-nosed Frog; Frogs of Limpopo; Ruan Stander; Frogs of Kruger National Park

Hemisotidae | Shovel-snouted Frogs

Hemisus | Shovel-snouted Frogs

Hyperolius marmoratus taeniatus; Painted Reed Frog; Punda Maria; Frogs of Kruger National Park; What is the colourful frog in Kruger National Park?; Ruan Stander

Hyperoliidae | Reed Frogs & relatives

Hyperolius | Reed Frogs

Kassina | Running Frogs/Kassinas

Phrynomantis bifasciatus; Banded Rubber Frog; Poisonous Frogs Kruger National Park; Black and red frog Kruger National Park; Black and red frog Punda Maria; Ruan Stander; Frogs of Limpopo

Microhylidae | Rubber Frogs

Phrynomantis | Rubber Frogs

Phyrnobatrachus natalensis; Frog Pafuri; Frog Punda Maria; Frogs of Kruger National Park; Ruan Stander

Phrynobatrachidae | Puddle Frogs

Phrynobatrachus | Puddle Frogs

Ptychadena mossambica; Banded Grass Frog; Ruan Stander; Soutpansberg Frogs; Frogs of Limpopo

Ptychadenidae | Grass Frogs & relatives

Hildebrandtia | Ornate Frogs

Ptychadena | Grass Frogs

Xenopus muelleri; Tropical Platanna; African Clawed Frog; Venda frogs; Frogs of Kruger National Park; Ruan Stander

Pipidae | African Clawed Frogs

Xenopus | African Clawed Frogs/Platannas

Strongylopus fasciatus; Striped Stream Frog; Woodbush Frogs; Haenertsburg Grasslands frogs; Ruan Stander; Herp Nomad; Limpopo Herpetology

Pyxicephalidae | Bullfrogs & relatives

Amietia | River Frogs

Cacosternum | Cacos

Pyxicephalus | Bullfrogs

Strongylopus | Stream Frogs

Tomopterna | Sand Frogs

Chiromantis xerampelina; Southern Foam-Nest Frog; Kruger National Park Tree Frog; White frog in tree Limpopo; White frog in tree South Africa; white frog in house south Africa; Ruan Stander; Frogs of Limpopo

Rhacophoridae | Foam Nest Frogs

Chiromantis | Foam Nest Frogs