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Regional Reptile Diversity

Reptiles are the most successful class of terrestrial vertebrates, with some 12 700 taxa recognised globally. Together, the Limpopo Province and Kruger National Park of South Africa comprise a land area roughly equal in size to the state of New York, USA. A staggering total of 210 reptile species occur in this comparatively small region – accounting for nearly 2% of all reptile taxa worldwide and highlighting the Limpopo Province and Kruger National Park's unprecedented biodiversity.


Herp Nomad is a natural history publisher with a strong focus on African herpetofauna (reptiles & amphibians), especially those of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. It aims to cultivate an appreciation for Africa's biodiversity and share its splendour by emphasising the continent's lesser-known gems the herpetofauna. Herp Nomad's first book title, The Reptiles of the Limpopo Province and Kruger National Park was published in September 2023. Two book titles are presently available as well as a vast selection of reptile and amphibian images. Herp Nomad's founder, Ruan I. Stander has 16 years of experience in herpetofauna surveying.

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